About The Brief

Prior to becoming the AULPB, the Brief began in 2008, at American University Washington College of Law as the Legislation and Policy Roundtable to provide a legal analysis of current legislative initiatives and policies through an entirely student-run publication, and to encourage meaningful debate through the “Roundtable Live” panel series.  Initial articles had a specific theme, the first of which being Election Law.  That was accompanied by a panel focusing on disenfranchisement and fraud in the 2008 Elections. 

In 2011, the Editorial Board started The AULPB Blog.  The Blog provides readers and staff members the ability to discuss and analyze a greater diversity of issues as they occur.  The Brief, as well as the Blog, is not confined to one subject area as with other publications.  The AULPB covers legislation and policy in several areas, including, but not limited to, politics, business, international relations, national security, and crime.  

The AULPB took its current name in 2018.  It will be continuing the legacy of the Roundtable by publishing an issue once a semester, and by hosting a symposium at least once a year.  The AULPB was also the first law school publication in Washington D.C. dedicated to the city’s most notable contributions to the national and global communities through legislation and policy.

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