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Previous Symposia:

Spring 2023: Civil Rights and the Supreme Court

Spring 2022: Tempering Political Polarization to Restore Public Trust in Democracy

Spring 2020: Presidential Powers Under the Constitution

Spring 2019: What’s Working in the 116th Congress?

Spring 2015: National Democracy Slam 15: Bold Ideas for Breaking Partisan Deadlock, Ending Gerrymandering, and Improving America’s Elections and Politics

Spring 2014: 30 Years of Disruption: From Betamax to Aereo

Fall 2013: Electronic Privacy: What Can We Expect in the Age of WikiLeaks and PRISM?

Spring 2013: Fourth Amendment in the Modern Age: Dog Sniffs, Stop and Frisks

Fall 2012: Campaign Finance and the Citizens United Decision

Spring 2012: Election Administration and the 2012 Campaign